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Could the U.S. government stop the press?

Dan Kennedy

They could under limited circumstances, writes Professor Dan Kennedy in his Huffington Post article, “What Happened at the Guardian Could Happen in the U.S., Too,” posted August 20, 2013.

Kennedy’s story was prompted by two incidents in Great Britain. In one case, British security agents visited the Guardian and demanded that the newspaper’s “hard drives containing leaked documents from Edward Snowden be smashed and destroyed in their presence.”  The other incident, Guardian writer Glenn Greenwald’s partner, David Miranda was detained at London’s Heathrow Airport for about 9 hours.  Greenwald wrote articles for the Guardian about Snowden.  Miranda was “visiting filmmaker Laura Poitras, who has worked extensively with Snowden and Greenwald in Berlin.”

Of course, the British do not have First Amendment rights, as Kennedy pointed out. But, he said, under limited circumstances the government could prohibit or censor publications.

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