Student Reporting

Students reporting from Spain give us an inside look at the bullfighting culture

Bullfighting is a age-old, festive Spanish tradition. For some detractors, however, it’s a venue to protest the violent sport. Journalism students in the Dialogue of Civilization trip to Spain got a first-hand view of the celebrations, triumphs and tribulations of bullfighting. The student’s multimedia piece appears on, posted on June 5. “Detractors target Spain’s first sport with hopes to get it banned,” by Shandana Mufti, tells abut those individuals who seek to ban bullfighting. “Dressing to kill: The history and art of the bullfighter’s ‘suit of lights,’” by Gina-Maria Garcia, tells of the elaborate work involved to design and create the perfect bullfighting costume. And, “A young matador perfects the art of bull slaying,” by Mackenzie Nichols, writes about learning bullfighting skills through the eyes of a young matador. This story is accompanied by a video by Maria Amasanti. The stories also feature photos taken by Maria Amasanti.

The trip is led by Journalism Professor Carlene Hempel.