If you’re a news junky, love to write, want to tell people what’s going on in your hometown, around the world, or in an organization, a journalism major at Northeastern University gives you the skills and experience you need to tell your story.


Northeastern students need 32 courses and 128 credit hours to graduate.

There are eight required journalism classes and one required history class for the major:

  • JRNL 1150 – Interpreting the Day’s News
  • JRNL 1101 – Journalism 1: Fundamentals of Reporting
  • JRNL 2201 – Journalism 2: Intermediate Reporting
  • JRNL 2301 – Visual Storytelling in Journalism
  • JRNL 2350 – History of Journalism
  • JRNL 3550 – Law of the Press
  • JRNL 3610 – Digital Storytelling and Social Media
  • JRNL 4650 – Journalism Ethics and Issues

Required History Course:

  • HIST 1130 – Introduction to History of the United States

In addition, you need three journalism electives. You can choose from a variety of journalism electives including

JRNL 3680 – Advanced Reporting, JRNL 5310 – Photojournalism, and JRNL 3425 – Public Relations Principles. Check course listings for a complete course list by semester.

Visit the Registrar’s website for a course catalog and information on university core requirements.

If you need some advice about course requirements, contact Susan Conover at s.conover@northeastern.edu.


Journalism faculty is always willing to give you advice about journalism careers and classes. Faculty office hours are located outside their office doors.