If you are a major in another program at Northeastern, you can gain a solid background in reporting, interviewing techniques, and writing skills with a minor in Journalism. Most professions require excellent writing and communications skills. The skills you learn as a journalism minor will serve you well in whatever profession you choose.

As a journalism minor, you will need four journalism classes and 16 credits.

Required journalism classes for a minor in journalism could include:

  • JRNL 1150 – Interpreting the Day’s News
  • JRNL 1101 – Journalism 1: Fundamentals of Reporting
  • JRNL 2201 – Journalism 2: Intermediate Reporting
  • JRNL 2301 – Visual Storytelling in Journalism
  • JRNL 3550 – Law of the Press
  • JRNL 4650 – Journalism Ethics and Issues

Photojournalism Minor

Photojournalists tell a news or feature story with pictures. A photojournalism minor consists of four courses (12 Credits).

Required courses are:

Complete the following two required courses with corresponding tools course.

• ARTD 2360 Photo Basics (4 credits) Corequirement ARTD 2361 Photo Tools (1 credit)
• ARTD 2350 Photo Basics for non-majors (4 credits)
• JRNL5310 Photojournalism (4 credits)
Complete two courses FROM THE FOLLOWING, one from Journalism and one from Art and Design:

• ARTD 3460 Photography 1 (4 credits)
• ARTE 2500 Art + Design Abroad, Studio (4 – 8 credits)
• ARTH 2212 Survey of the Still and Moving Image (4 credits)
• JRNL 2301 Visual Storytelling in Journalism (4 credits)
• JRNL 5309 Documentary Production  (4 credits)
• JRNL 5314 Video News Production  (4 credits)

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