If you are a major in another program at Northeastern, you can gain a solid background in reporting, interviewing techniques and writing skills with a minor in Journalism. Most professions require excellent writing and communication, so the skills you learn as a journalism minor will serve you well in whatever vocation you choose.

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Journalism Practice Minor

Are you interested in getting hands-on experience reporting, writing and editing news stories, and using digital tools to tell tales with more than words? The Journalism Practice Minor provides you with the skills to craft stories while allowing you to specialize in the field(s) of journalism that you enjoy most.

As a journalism minor, you will need four journalism classes and 16 credits.


Required courses:

  • JRNL 11101 – Journalism 1: Fundamentals of Reporting
  • JRNL 2201 – Journalism 2: Intermediate Reporting

Choose one of the following courses:

  • JRNL 3410 – Radio Newsgathering
  • JRNL 3440 – Editing
  • JRNL 3435 – Techniques of Journalism
  • JRNL 3610 – Digital Storytelling and Social Media
  • JRNL 3615 – Advanced Digital Storytelling
  • JRNL 3625 – Public Relations Practice
  • JRNL 3630 – Magazine Writing
  • JRNL 3680 – Advanced Reporting
  • JRNL 5306 – Beat Reporting
  • JRNL 5307 – Video Newswriting
  • JRNL 5309 – Documentary Production
  • JRNL 5310 – Photojournalism
  • JRNL 5311 – Design and Graphics
  • JRNL 5341 – Video News Production 1
  • JRNL 5360 – Global Reporting


Complete one additional JRNL course.

Journalism Studies Minor

Do you enjoy consuming the news and find yourself wondering just how it’s put together? The Journalism Studies Minor provides you with a background in journalism’s history, and the skills and tools reporters and editors use to assemble— and ultimately tell—stories.

As a journalism minor, you will need four journalism classes and 16 credits.


Required foundation courses:

  • JRNL 1150 – Interpreting the Day’s News
  • JRNL 2350 – History of Journalism

Required Law courses:

  • JRNL 3550 – Law of the Press

Required elective course:

  • Take one JRNL course.

Photojournalism Minor

Are you passionate for the visual side of storytelling? In today’s digital age, photos, videos and documentaries resonate strongly, and in the world of journalism, this is no exception. In the Photojournalism Minor, you’ll develop skills in photography and video to create engaging and impactful stories.

As a photojournalism minor, you will need two art and design courses, and two journalism courses, totaling 16 credits.


One Required Photography foundation course from the following:

  • ARTE 2500 – Art and Design Abroad: Studio
  • ARTD 2630 Photo Basics & ARTD 2631 Photo tools
  • ARTD 2350 – Photo Basics for Non-majors

Photography required class:

  • ARTD 3460 – Photography 1

Integrative required course:

  • JRNL 5310 – Photojournalism

One required elective from the following:

  • JRNL 2301 – Visual Storytelling in Journalism
  • JRNL 5309 – Documentary Production
  • JRNL 5314 – Video News Production 1