Application materials

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Will my life and employment experience be a factor for admissions?

Applications to Northeastern’s School of Journalism are judged on a number of factors. Although an applicant’s academic history is important, the School is also looking for evidence of commitment to journalism. Previous professional experience will be taken into consideration, as well as interesting life experiences and perspectives. In short, we want our students to be curious, engaged and eager to enter our profession with a sense of purpose.

What are the academic requirements for admissions?

We consider past academic history. Applicants must have completed a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. A GPA of at least a B (3.0) is preferred.

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is not required of applicants to the journalism program.

What is the tuition for the graduate program?

For up-to-date information about tuition and other financial information, please visit the Student Financial Services website.

What is the difference between the Professional Concentration and the Media Innovation concentration?

They are very different programs. In general, the Media Innovation Concentration is designed for those news media professionals who have experience in the news business and want to advance their careers. The Professional concentration is designed for individuals with little or no professional news experience who are looking to enter the field of journalism.

What factors do you consider in the letters of recommendation?

Students must submit three letters of recommendation. Ideally, applicants request letters from a mix of professional, academic and personal contacts. You should choose people who can speak to your character, drive, work ethic and commitment to the field of journalism.

Do you accept transfer credits from other institutions?

The School of Journalism graduate program accepts a maximum of nine-semester hours of credit obtained at another institution that might be applied to toward your degree provided that these credits:

  • are no more than five years old, and
  • consist of work taken at the graduate level for graduate credit, and
  • have been earned at an accredited institution in the United States, and
  • carry grades of B (3.000) or better, and
  • have not been used toward any other degree or certificate, and
  • are approved by the graduate faculty of the School of Journalism as being appropriate for the program.

Transfer credit grades do not count toward a GPA at Northeastern University.

Should I include samples of my work?

Applicants who have been published in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, books, etc. or those who have worked in television or radio may include samples of their work. Samples will not be returned.

What if I don’t have published samples?

Some students enter the program because they are changing careers and might not have published work.  In this case, we will look at the writing in your personal statement, your letters of recommendation, your GPA and your GRE score.  Because you have little news writing experience, you are encouraged to take the Intensive Reporting seminar offered prior to the fall semester.

What are the requirements for applying for departmental financial assistance?

The School of Journalism offers full or partial funding to a small number of qualified students. Students interested in financial assistance should note this on their applications. The official deadline for departmental financial assistance is early February.
For more information about federal financial aid visit the Financial Aid Website.

Is housing available for graduate students?

Northeastern University offers limited housing for full-time graduate students. For more information on housing, please visit the Housing & Residential Life webpage.


Although the College of Arts, Media & Design offers a limited number of scholarships and stipends, there are many outside scholarships that are available to graduate students.

Below are links to a variety of outside scholarship opportunities:

Peterson’s Grad School Bound

US News & World Report

Martin Luther King Fellowship – Apply through the Northeastern University John D. O’Bryant African-American Institute.

Double Husky Scholarship – This scholarship is for applicants who received their undergraduate degree from Northeastern University.

Veterans Benefits and Yellow Ribbon Program – This site explains scholarships that’s available to veterans.

Fulbright Scholarships – Visit Northeastern’s Fellowships & Scholarships for more information on the Fulbright Scholarships