Undergraduate Admissions

Thank you for your interest in the College of Arts, Media and Design. Determining where to spend the next few years of your life is no easy mission, but we’re here to help make the application process as simple as possible. Below are the necessary steps to ensure that your application is in the right hands and ready for review. But first—we recommend visiting campus to see all that CAMD has to offer.


Admissions Decision Timelines

Depending on the admissions plan you’ve chosen, you’ll receive notification of the admissions decision on one of the following dates:

  • Early Decision: Mid-December
  • Early Decision 2: February 15
  • Early Action: February 1
  • Regular Decision: March 15

Shortly after notification of the admissions decision, admitted students will receive login credentials for Northeastern’s Admitted Students portal. There, you’ll find information on welcome sessions, orientation dates, deposit submission, academic advisors, and next steps regarding enrollment and registration.

During this period, we encourage you to visit us on campus. Shadow a student as they attend classes, eat lunch in a dining facility or student center, introduce yourself to faculty members, and meet your new classmates!

Campus Visits & CAMD Info Sessions


Join students and learn about our diverse academic programs to decide which one best aligns with your passions, interests, and goals. Listen to personal stories that paint a picture of the CAMD experience. Gain insight on the real-world experiences you’ll acquire through our signature co-op program. And of course, get answers to all of your questions as you move forward in your college search.

To register for an info session, schedule a visit with Northeastern University Admissions. We hope to see you there!


Dates & Deadlines


Application timelines vary depending on your chosen admission plan—Early Decision I or II, Early Action, Regular Decision, or Transfer. Visit Northeastern University’s Undergraduate Admissions Deadlines & Decisions to find your timeline and plan your application process.




Create your application through the Common Application or the Coalition Application (both are accepted). Once you have created your application, please select Northeastern University to directly submit your application to us. Applicants must provide an application fee of $75 or need-based fee waiver upon submission.

Apply via Common Application

Apply via Coalition Application


Review required materials


Double check to make sure that you have submitted all required materials. Even if your application has been submitted, we cannot begin reviewing your file until all of your required materials have been received.


Check application status


To ensure all of the necessary documents have been submitted, and for updates or information about your application, check your application status.


After applying


Within seven days of applying, you should receive a confirmation email containing your Northeastern University ID number and instructions for setting up your Application Status Check account.


Explore Undergraduate Admissions Advising for more information about the application process, portfolio submissions, and next steps following your application.

While not required as part of your CAMD application, all students applying for freshman admission are welcome and encouraged to submit a portfolio or art supplement. (Studio Art is the only program that requires a portfolio.)


A portfolio is typically submitted under an applicant’s intended field of study, but you should submit your portfolio to the field most relevant to your current body of work. For example, if you are applying to Communication Studies but have a strong photography portfolio, you should submit your portfolio to Art + Design.


The portfolio review process is an excellent opportunity to introduce yourself to faculty and staff evaluators. We’re looking for students with artistic and creative talent, as well as those seeking the academic and professional opportunities at CAMD and Northeastern.

Portfolios must be submitted via SlideRoom, an online portfolio submission service. Applicants are encouraged to complete all forms, including Academic Profile, Media Uploads, and Personal Statement. Please only submit one portfolio. Additional submissions will not be reviewed.

Your portfolio should exhibit prior experience with editing and writing for traditional or online newspapers and publications, or experience with broadcast or multimedia journalism. Depending on your area of interest, please submit the requested number of samples from one of the following categories:


  • Print: 3-5 print articles (reviews, reportage, or opinion pieces)
  • Video: 2-3 stories shot and/or reported by you
  • Photos: 5-6 photos and/or a published photo essay
  • Layout/Design: 2-3 pages


Submit a Personal Statement (500-700 words) and 2-6 items that may include images (up to 5 MB each), video (up to 60 MB each), and PDFs (up to 10 MB each). You may also link to media from YouTube and Vimeo.

The college offers monthly First Friday information sessions throughout the year. Please visit Northeastern Undergraduate Admissions to register.