Below you’ll find useful information for School of Journalism students at Northeastern University, including updates on journalism classes, events, organizations, and useful links you can use for your courses.

Undergraduate Advising

The Academic Advising and Cooperative Education (AACE) office, in 100 Meserve Hall, is a welcoming, student-centered environment where CAMD undergraduate students can go with all academic questions. We work collaboratively with students to cultivate their skills in making informed decisions, developing self-reliance, and building confidence as they explore new opportunities.

Graduate Advising For graduate student advising, students should contact Aleszu Bajak at [email protected] to set up an appointment. Journalism faculty are always available to help with graduate students with career contacts.


Honors Program

The College of Arts, Media and Design offers honors opportunities to students whose academic performance both aligns to the vision and mission of the college and shows an exceptional level of creativity and achievement. The CAMD Honors in the Discipline program requires that students complete a project in an area related to their academic program. Students who wish to pursue Honors in the Discipline must have a major within CAMD or a combined major that includes at least one CAMD program.


Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board (SAB) is composed of six student volunteers, one from each of the schools and departments that make up CAMD. The SAB was instituted in the fall of 2011 as a mechanism for the college to receive student feedback.



Keep up to date with CAMD events by visiting the calendar. CAMD will consistently deliver events hosted by our faculty and the College so that students can always be involved on and off campus. The School of Journalism offers a variety of events and speakers throughout the academic year. Most journalism events are sent to students by email, posted on the school’s Facebook and Twitter sites, the university and CAMD calendar, and flyers are posted throughout the school.


Academic Calendar

The university’s academic calendar helps keep you informed when breaks, finals and other major events are happening on campus.


There’s a Story Behind The Story – Read it in Storybench

Ever want to know how things are done in the journalism multimedia and digital world. Subscribe to Storybench and keep your journalism knowledge up to date. Students are invited to submit story ideas to Aleszu Bajak, editor, at [email protected].


Reporting on Communities and Social Justice – The Scope

The Scope is a student-run online publication focusing on neighborhood stories of justice, hope and resilience. Students are invited to submit story ideas to Professor Meg Heckman at [email protected].


Need a Place to Study. Relax or Charge Your Phone?

Check out the School of Journalism’s Student Lounge and Newsroom in Holmes Hall. The Newsroom, 157 Holmes Hall, is equipped with Macs with the latest software. The Student Lounge is in 138 Holmes Hall.

The Student Lounge, directly across from the newsroom, is a comfortable place to study, get caught up on the latest news or just relax before or after your class.

Both areas are great places to recharge phones and laptops. Hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


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Asian American Journalists Association

National Association of Black Journalists

National Association of Hispanic Journalists

Native American Journalists Association

The Pubic Relations Society of America, Boston Chapter

Society of Professional Journalists New England

NENPA, the New England Newspaper and Press Association provides information for the news business in New England including trends, helpful suggestions, news personnel changes and job opportunities.  Journalism students can write for the association’s Bulletin.  Visit the site.>>

Black & Red Public Relations

Her Campus

Huntington News

Spectrum Literary Arts Magazine

Woof Magazine

WRBB – 104.9

Northeastern Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists

Contact Professor Dan Kennedy at [email protected] for more information.

All student groups