Journalism at CAMD

The stories that shape our world start here

The School of Journalism at CAMD combines traditional journalistic values—asking fundamental questions, seeking truths, holding institutions accountable—with new media techniques of digital, video, and data storytelling. All to create journalists and public relations professionals ready to engage audiences, spur action, and change the world.


Preparing for what’s next

The School of Journalism combines interdisciplinary academic excellence with innovative experiential learning, training students to be analytical thinkers, passionate advocates, and persuasive communicators who work effectively across multiple platforms.

Our undergraduate and graduate programs emphasize the reporting and writing skills students need to gather, investigate, analyze, present, and share information. Led by field-tested faculty, our courses and curriculum keep pace with the changing way that news is delivered and consumed today.

One way we do this is partnering with Northeastern’s strong computer science and engineering colleges to integrate data into journalism and create journalists who are as comfortable talking to coders and data analysts as they are interviewing politicians and sports icons.


Learning through experience

Nothing prepares you better than experience. And that’s just what undergraduate and graduate students get on co-op, the university’s internationally acclaimed program where students work a full-time job for six months while gaining real-world skills, building valuable contacts, and boosting their career prospects.

Our students complete up to three co-ops during their time at the School of Journalism in Boston’s news rooms and non-profits, at TV networks and public relations firms. We have co-op employers in Boston and surrounding communities, New York City, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C., and increasingly abroad in South Africa, England, France, India, and Korea. Students can also receive credit for internships which typically last one semester.

The School of Journalism integrates experiential learning into the classroom as well. One course, led by Investigative Reporter and Professor Mike Beaudet, allows students to research and help produce investigative pieces for Boston’s WCVB-TV News.


Dynamic stories from day one

The most exciting story our students tell is their own. It starts right on our vibrant campus, where opportunities abound to engage peers through student clubs, find their voice on Storybench, and pursue their passions on The Scopeour innovative online publications.

Northeastern is located in the heart of Boston, a dynamic urban center and media hub. Students use the city as a laboratory, tap into the wide range of media organizations on co-op, and make connections that span careers.

Research is a key part of the story, too. Our award-winning faculty are incredibly active, writing research publications, developing ongoing projects, creating podcasts, blogs, videos, and other multimedia and data visualization productions, and collaborating on student work.


Hearing from the pros

Every Thursday at noon, the School of Journalism hosts a guest speaker over lunch. Click here to watch interviews with Nathaniel Rakich, Michael MacDonald, David Filipov, Mike Workman, Jenn Smith, Martha Durkee-Neuman, Susan Labandibar, John Ward, Marc Fortier, Carol Gregory, Ling-Mei Wong and Elana Gordon.