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Charles Fountain

Associate Professor

The San Francisco Chronicle called Professor Charles Fountain’s most recent book, Under the March Sun: The Story of Spring Training, “that rare baseball book that also serves as cultural history.” Under the March Sun is the first complete history of baseball’s spring training, from its humble 19th century beginnings to the billion-dollar business of the 21st century. “Fountain’s words about the annual rites of spring training read like a poem,” praised the Los Angeles Daily News, “with historical context swept in at the appropriate times.”   Chuck Fountain’s journalism career encompassed work in television, radio, newspapers and magazines, and he has taught in all of those areas since joining the Northeastern University faculty in 1985. He began his career as a television sportscaster at WSMW-TV in Worcester, and worked for six years at ABC Radio. His writing has appeared in the New York Daily News, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times and over fifty other newspapers and magazines. Since 1999, he has appeared regularly on ESPN’s SportsCentury series. He is also the author of Sportswriter: The Life and Times of Grantland Rice, hailed by the Chicago Sun Times as “one of the best newspaper biographies of recent years,” and Another Man’s Poison: The Life and Writing of Columnist George Frazier.

He is a graduate of Boston College and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

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