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Kellianne Murphy

Senior Faculty Coordinator

Kellianne Murphy, is a Senior Faculty Coordinator for global and graduate co-op in the College of Arts, Media and Design at Northeastern University. As such, she administers co-op programs, and advises and refers undergraduate and graduate students to international employers around the world. Students are employed in positions directly related to their majors in the College of Arts, Media and Design, alternating semesters of full time work and school. Kellianne has 25+ years of experience in cooperative education working with a variety of liberal arts majors, and has served as a Faculty Fellow for both the Center for Experiential Education at Northeastern University and the World Association Cooperative Education (WACE) Experiential Education Summer Institute.

Kellianne has a BA in English from Fordham University and a MA in Literature from Northeastern University. She also holds a teaching certification for secondary education and is a certified e-learning instructor. She continues to teach career development, writing, and literature courses and has developed on-line co-op courses for both graduate and undergraduate students.

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