Research Approach

School of Journalism faculty pursue a vibrant research agenda in both scholarly and popular publications on topics ranging from the changing role of media to some of the most provocative issues of our time. Current projects include the Reinventing Local TV News Project, funded by the Stanton Foundation, and research into how social media and the Internet change the way news is distributed and consumed. Our data storytelling lab explores how multimedia and data visualization can be used to effectively tell stories. Plus, our undergraduate and graduate students create work of their own, in collaboration with faculty members.


Our research approach is fluid and follows ongoing shifts in culture and the political climate. Our faculty are examining the changing role of women in new media organizations, and the role media can play in serving poor communities and communities of color. Drawing on the rich legacy of Walter Robinson [Link to TBD] of “Spotlight” fame, faculty pursue and advise on a number of major investigative projects for prominent media outlets in print, digital, video, and audio.

Recognizing the role of journalism as a moral force in society, faculty also pursue books, op-ed articles, podcasts, and videos on key issues facing the world, including the rise of China, the behavior of the U.S. during the Holocaust, the evolution of the Washington Post and The Boston Globe in a tumultuous time for media, improving coverage of climate change, the U.S. political scene, and changing role of sports and society.

By emphasizing the use of podcast and radio technology, video, blogging, website development, VR, data visualization, and coding in the classroom, our faculty members have positioned themselves at the forefront of the changing landscape of journalism.

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Our faculty have founded multiple projects, many of which emphasize student involvement. These include the Reinventing Local TV News Project and online publications unique to Northeastern, including Storybench and The Scope.

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Our faculty are active writers of award-winning feature articles, weekly columns, books, and research papers.

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Academic Coordinator, School of Journalism

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Graduate Programs Manager

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