Marketing and Communications is the information and marketing resource for Northeastern University’s College of Arts, Media and Design.


The mission of Marketing and Communications is to effectively engage the College community and strengthen the image of CAMD through accurate and timely information, professional and creative materials, and comprehensive brand management programs.

If you have a story, program, achievement or event that needs promoting, Marketing and Communications is the office to contact. It is our goal to work with faculty and staff to strategically promote College programs and events and, more importantly, work with you to achieve your goals. We will always attempt to respond as quickly as possible.

While we encourage departments and areas of the College to create and produce their own materials, it is also the mission of Marketing and Communications to ensure that materials reflect the College’s brand standards and core messaging.

If departments/schools wish to produce videos, please let us know in advance. Marketing and Communications are always available for advice. Please be sure to share the finished product with us so we can aid in promoting, and keep in mind that a requirement is that you include the CAMD college logo where appropriate (i.e. title slide or final credits slide). If you need a copy of the logo, or are unsure whether the logo you have is accurate, please ask Richard Coren via email.

Departmental print collateral, such as posters, flyers and pamphlets are produced by the department and are typically not something that Marketing and Communications needs to see in advance, however please share the finished pdf with us so we can help you to promote. Again, keep in mind that a requirement is that you include the CAMD college logo somewhere on the piece (we leave that to your discretion).

Some areas of the College (ex. Development, Enrollment, etc.) produce letters or emails that are signed from the Dean or the College. Please send all preliminary drafts to Marketing and Communications before forwarding to the Dean or her Executive Assistant. We will take a look and send edits or suggestions back to you in a timely fashion.

The Dean’s Office should be made aware of all events. Following these protocols regarding events should help.


First, be sure to alert Richard and Brittani in Marketing and Communications via email regarding all events, big and small, as early in the process as possible. Brittani is our Marketing Coordinator and is the point person in Marketing and Communications for events. And, as more details become known, continue to communicate those to us. We want to help promote your events and knowing about the event, in ample time, will help us to accomplish that.


Second, it is required that all events involving CAMD are represented on the CAMD website; they can be posted via specific departmental pages. If you need assistance, let Marketing know through email, and we can help you post the event in the correct place. By getting your event up on the website as early as possible, the entire College, as well as the University, will be aware of it and that will lessen the likelihood of other competing events being scheduled at the same time as your event. On rare occasions, you may be asked to move your event to another date, if possible, if there is a large College-wide event scheduled at the same time. The goal is to avoid having more than one CAMD event that is intended for, or will attract, similar audience members, competing with one another.


Last, many events request or require the Dean’s presence. Some ask for her in a speaking role, some just to meet and greet. We understand that there are times when events come together late, but in an effort to fulfill these requests and get these events on the Dean’s schedule, a minimum of one weeks’ notice, especially if remarks are requested, is required. Requests for the Dean’s presence should be emailed to Richard in Marketing and Communications and the Dean’s Executive Assistant, Lindsey Gordon. If invitations are being utilized, Marketing and Communications and Lindsey should receive a copy of those as well, along with a list of VIPs, if available.

Marketing and Communications has worked to establish a strong relationship with central University agencies, such as [email protected], Marketing and other departments. We have our own representatives from [email protected] and regularly pitch stories. We encourage departments to contact us with any news or stories as they become available. If, however, you have established your own relationships and wish to pitch news directly, please loop us in on all communication so that we are aware and there is no duplication of effort. This is an area where we can be more effective working together.

College Logos

These are the approved CAMD college logos. If you need a logo for your project, please contact Marketing and Communications.

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