Studios & Labs

Our resources are highly interconnected and as our students and faculty continually explore new methods of technological engagement, we continue to build the Media Studios to respond to the needs of an innovative and interdisciplinary college of arts, design, and communications.

Our resources are organized into six broad categories:
New Technologies Labs
Production Studios
A Media Center
Collaboration & Research Spaces
Computer Labs

Applications include:

• Designing, developing, and integrating new forms of software, user interfaces, immersive and interactive tools and experiences, and integration of perceptual, social, biometric, and environmental data.

• Development of physical prototypes and products, functional and representational, related to experimentation, coursework, research, and entrepreneurship.

• Project creation, communication, and documentation, utilizing camera, video, audio, and lighting equipment, and collaborative and interdisciplinary practice.

Current Work
Please see individual lab and studio pages for current work.