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Judith Tick elected honorary member of American Musicological Society

Professor Judith Tick

November 12, 2010
Prof. Judith Tick, Matthews University Distinguished Professor, was elected as an honorary member of  the American Musicological Society at their recent meeting in Indianapolis.

The award is given “to those long-standing members of the Society who have made outstanding contributions to furthering its stated object.”

In particular, the Council in this instance wished to honor Prof Tick as “one of the foremost scholars of American music, particularly as a pioneer in the field of women¹s studies. The book (she) co-edited with Jane Bowers, Women Making Music: The Western Art Tradition 1150-1950, was a first of its kind, and (her) biography, Ruth Crawford Seeger. A Composer¹s Search for American Music has become a classic in the field. We also wish to recognize (her) service to the Society in various capacities, most notably as chair of the Status of Women Committee and two-time Director at Large.”