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Leonard Brown’s Upcoming Appearances

On Februrary 14 & 15, professors Leonard Brown and Emmett Price presented on the new book, “John Coltrane & Black America’s Quest for Freedom: Spirituality and the Music” at the Association for African American Studies & Affiliates Conference – Baton Rouge, LA

March 16, 1-3pm: Museum Of Fine Arts/Boston: Invited speaker Leonard Brown will speak about “Between the Wars: Black America, The Jazz Age and the Harlem Renaissance.”  This presentation will explore the impact and influence of African American culture on pre and post WWI USA of the early 20th century and how this culture fostered new artistic possibilities and expressions. The presentation is part of the MFA’s Afternoon Semester Course Series titled “The American Journey 1620 – Present: History, Art & Culture”

April 8:  Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, CO: Invited guest lecturer Leonard Brown, via Professor Peter Sommer of the CSU Music Department, will give a lecture to the jazz class with a focus on the new book, “John Coltrane and Black America’s Quest for Freedom: Spirituality and the Music.”

April, 8pm: Featured Guest Leonard Brown will perform at Jay’s Bistro and Jazz Lounge, Ft Collins CO.