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Dennis Miller’s Works at Upcoming Festivals

Prof Dennis Miller’s work, Echoing Spaces (2009) will be displayed during the two+ week period of the 2011 Boston Cyberarts festival (and for an additional two weeks following) at a large, public space in the new Waterfront Square Building at Atlantic Wharf. The work, along with three others, will be displayed on its own 37″ screen, which will be mounted 10 feet above the main lobby area. (see The title of the event is Fluid Perimeters, and it was curated by Cyberarts Director George Fifield.

Another work of Dennis Miller, White Noise (2007) will be screened at Brandeis University during the Cyberfest as part of their bi-annual Electronic Media Marathon. This event will take place on April 30th.

In addition, his work Echoing Spaces was chosen for screening on a new video and animation series at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. Shows are scheduled for Saturday, May 7 at 3pm, and Sunday, May 8 at 3 pm. Echoing Spaces has also been accepted for the RAFLOST festival, to be held in Reykjavik, ICELAND on the 5th-8th of May 2011.

Prof. Miller will be in residence at Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA on May 2 and 3, where he will give talks and workshops and curate a concert of works selected from the Northeastern University Visual Music Special Collection.