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New MS in Music Industry Leadership

June 8, 2011
In an environment that has seen technological and structural upheaval, Northeastern University Department of Music offers a unique Master of Science degree that prepares graduates for leadership roles in today’s music organization. Divided into three concentrations, the Master of Music Industry Leadership (MMIL) offers advanced study for music entrepreneurs and mid-career professionals. Courses focus on designing an integrated vision and developing action plans that build sustainable business models that meet organizational and personal goals. Exceptional faculty have real-world teaching, research and working experience in current music industry issues allowing them to bring the latest innovative ideas into the MMIL program.

The Master of Music Industry Leadership is an intensive one-year leadership program designed for individuals who want to manage the next generation of music companies. This program provides advanced education in the areas of music management, leadership, research and entrepreneurship with opportunities for immediate and on-going application to each individual’s unique professional aspiration. At the program’s conclusion, graduates are prepared to assume professional leadership roles that encompass creative, entrepreneurial and managerial functions that address emerging issues facing the entertainment industry. To inquire, contact the Graduate Coordinator Richard Strasser.

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