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’11 MT graduate Ian Headley Wins Electronic Music Contest

November 9, 2011 via Musicworks

The competition invited writers and composers worldwide to submit 5 minutes of an electronic composition in one of the following genres: Acousmatic, Audio Art, Electroacoustic, Glitch, Intelligent Dance Music, Microsound, Noise, or Turntable art, to be judged based on originality and craft.

The contest began this year with the goal of uncovering great writers and composers, and to establish a new forum for new and experimental works to be created. Over 100 entries from writers and composers from around the world were judged by a distinguished panel of judges, including writers, editors, and musicians.

2010 Electronic Music Contest
First Prize:
Ian Battenfield Headley (Class of 2011, Music Technology) for “Passage”:
Wins Ableton Live software and a profile in Musicworks issue 112

Second Prize:
Steve Janisse for “Signals over Static”:
Wins a Zoom H2 Recorder and a profile on www.musicworks.ca

Third Prize:
Nicola Monopoli for “The Rite of Judgment”:
Wins AKG Headphones and a profile in Musicworks’ November e-newsletter

Musicworks will be launching the 2012 contest in January on its newly redeveloped website.

Winning entries from 2011 will be available for streaming, and the site will boast an extensive library of music, articles, blogs, and more… all to celebrate and promote contemporary experimental music.