Professor David Herlihy’s Record Industry Class, includes the “Artist Development Project” (ADP), a real-world, hands-on, interdisciplinary collaboration which is connected with Greenline Records, the student-run record label of Northeastern University. The ADP is wholly facilitated by Northeastern University students and integrates music industry, music production, graphic design, photography, marketing, multi-media, entrepreneurial studies and legal affairs.

Through the ADP, students are assigned into several would-be record “labels”, which must:

  • discover an artist
  • sign the artist to Greenline Records
  • identify a goal for the artist and work toward that objective over the course of the semester
  • evaluate the artist’s repertoire & select a song to record
  • produce, engineer and mix a master recording of an original composition
  • produce a video
  • develop the artist’s brand
  • create distinctive merchandise
  • create an Electronic Press Kit (photo, bio, poster) with consistent imaging, promotion and marketing materials
  • develop “Buzz Building” strategies
  • develop an on-line commercial and promotional campaign
  • promote, publicize, produce and record an end-of-the-semester Artist Showcase Concert at afterHours

View the tabs for selected artists by the Fall 2011 Record Industry Class.

Tom Flash and the Lightning Band
Sour Kiss

Dream About You

Let Me


Burdens Fall