The Fen­way Cen­ter is equipped with a stage, light­ing, micro­phones, sound sys­tem, and rock and orches­tral instru­ments. For Music Tech­nol­ogy con­certs, a high-quality 14-speaker sound dif­fu­sion system can be con­fig­ured around the audi­ence, cre­at­ing a fully immer­sive lis­ten­ing expe­ri­ence. Stu­dents can com­pose works on mul­ti­ple tracks specif­i­cally for the speaker sys­tem, or they can per­form the spa­tial­iza­tion dur­ing the con­cert (live sound diffusion).

The sound dif­fu­sion sys­tem con­tains the fol­low­ing speakers:

  • (4) Mackie 1521z
  • (4) Mackie HR824
  • (4) Mackie MR8
  • (2) JBL sub-woofers