To use any of our regular practice rooms with pianos, you must be a music major or minor, taking music lessons, or taking part in one of our ensembles. Contact the music department main office (351 Ryder, 617-373-2776) for access details.

To use our new Wenger sound-proofed room, you must meet one of these conditions to apply online for access to use the room:

  • Music majors
  • Students registered for drum lessons
  • Students enrolled in ensembles requiring use of drum sets

You may contact Junauro Landgrebe to request access.

Wenger Room Guidelines & Procedures

Once approved the following guidelines must be followed at risk of being removed from the list:

  • The room is not to be used before 5 p.m. Monday through Friday
  • You are only allowed to reserve two 1.5 hour time slots per week
  • The room must be put back in the same or better condition in which it was found
  • The music equipment must stay in the room at all times!
  • The music equipment must be used in a reasonable and respectful manner
  • You may use the room beyond your reservation as long as the room hasn’t been reserved by another student
  • You must be courteous to other students who wish to use the room
  • Please DO NOT bring food or drink into the room
  • You must return the key to the Ruggles Security station after you are finished

Failure to meet any of the above conditions will result in your privileges being revoked.

Every Monday morning at 9:00am, the Google reservations signup sheet will be posted on the door of 364 Ryder. You must have a Google account to access the signup sheet. Modifications cannot be made electronically to the sign-up sheet after Monday at 9:00am, but students may still sign up by hand after the sign-up sheet has been posted but may not make any changes to the existing reservations.