The Department of Music offers its music majors, music minors and combined majors a cross-disciplinary approach to the study and practice of music, underscored by real-world experiential learning and cutting-edge technology. The music faculty are dedicated to three continuously interacting and integrated dimensions: the creation of music, its production and promotion, and the study of its history, meaning and impact on cultures around the globe—past, present and future.

There are three concentrations in Music: the B.A. in Music, the B.S. In Music Technology, and the B.S. In Music Industry. Students in all three concentrations begin with a core of shared offerings, including a uniquely probing, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary introduction to music entitled “Music in Everyday Life,” together with shared requirements in introductory theory and musicianship. With a common perspective offered by these courses, students then branch out to focus on their individual disciplines, but also to interact and bring unique aspects of their discipline together in a collaborative learning environment with other students.

Through an exchange program with the New England Conservatory, the Department of Music also offers a joint certificate in performance, where students may attend classes and take performance instruction at the Conservatory in combination with offerings from the Northeastern University music catalog.

While a substantial offering of music courses is designed for music majors, music minors and combined majors in music and a variety of other disciplines, the Department of Music also offers elective survey courses and other study opportunities open to students across the Northeastern University campus. Also available are private lessons in a wide variety of instruments and voice, including a focus on genres ranging from traditional concert music to jazz to fusion, rock, and a variety of popular idioms.

An extensive concert series presents not only guest performers and ensembles from around the world, but also performances by the Northeastern University Symphony Orchestra, the Northeastern University Wind Ensemble and Concert Band, the Northeastern University Choral Society, and the Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Choir, Contemporary Music Ensemble, Blues/Rock Fusion Ensemble, Rock Ensemble, Chamber Music Ensembles, and individual student recitals, along with an array of student-run music groups.

In addition to Co-op, Dialogues of Civilization, and a range of other opportunities for experiential learning and study abroad, students may immediately begin to participate in student organizations, such as Greenline Records and other groups, that allow students to actively pursue their passions and aspirations.