Theory 1 or Theory for Music Industry 1 is a prerequisite to Principles of Music Literature.

Principles of Music Literature is a prerequisite to Historical Traditions 1, 2, or 3.

Historical Traditions 1, 2, or 3 are prerequisites for Historical Traditions 4.

Once a student has taken the prerequisites for HT 4, we strongly recommend investigating to see if the topic matches your interest. HT 4 gives students a chance to work with faculty in a specific area of faculty interest. The topics are different each term, and have included American Musical Theater, Wagner, Politics and Music, Music and Gender, Hip Hop, etc.).

Music Industry students who have enrolled starting in fall, 2009 can elect to take HT 4 or 20th Century HT, providing they have met all prerequisites.

HT 1,2, or 3 may be taken in any order.

Students not meeting the prerequisite of a class will be dropped from the class or asked to leave on the first day of classes.