Alumni Experiences

Jamie Alimorad - Music Technology

Topping the Charts with New Album that Portrays Rich Stories Through Diverse Soundscape

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and the Founder of Knothole Records.

Angelica Hairston

Harpist Recognized with Governor’s Award for the Arts & Humanities

Northeastern alumna Angelica Hairston was recently recognized with a Governor’s Award for the Arts & Humanities, which honors individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the civic or cultural vitality of the state of Georgia. Angelica, who graduated...

Andrea Lieberherr Douglass

Alumna Brings Global Perspective to Music Performance and Teaching

From playing in an outdoor amphitheater while on-tour in Brazil to jumping into an all-female Mariachi band at Disney Land, Andrea has had many performance highlights. 

Lorrie Murray

Founder of Bay Area Music Project (BAMP)

Northeastern alumna Lorrie Murray is the Founder and Executive Director of Bay Area Music Project, a non-profit after-school music education program that serves the social, emotional, cultural, and academic needs of children.

Jessica Gramuglia

Alumna & Entrepreneur Builds Her Own Brand & Leads the Music Department at Condé Nast

Jessica Gramuglia is a CAMD alumna who graduated from Northeastern in 2010. After studying Music Industry, Jessica dove into the field right after graduation, landing positions at Warner Brothers Television, Freeform,  and more before starting her own music and media services organization, Awkwardly...

Noah Sneath

Digital Media Coordinator

CAMD alumnus Noah Sneath, who studied Music Industry, is now serving as a Digital Media Coordinator at Gupta Media– and the role has been a great opportunity to expand his skillset and gain exposure to new sides of the industry. Shortly...

Matt Cronin and Ben Cooper

Data Curators at Spotify

Two CAMD alumni, Matt Cronin and Ben Cooper, are currently working at Spotify as Data Curators. Both graduated from the Music program in 2012, and started their careers right away. Matt worked as a Sales Assistant at Cabot and Company,...

Marissa Mullen

House Band Coordinator

Marissa Mullen, AMD ’15, pursued her passions and worked hard to land herself a job at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. In an effort to make this dream come true, she contacted friends of friends, reached out to connections...

Asha Iwanowicz

Composer/Production Coordinator

CAMD alumna Asha Iwanowicz, who graduated from Northeastern University with a B.S. in Music Technology in 2012, has always known that her passion is to compose music, and that she wanted to incorporate this into her career. Whether it be...

Colleen Finnegan

Lead of Employee Experience and Marketing at Pandora

Colleen Finnegan, who graduated with a BS in Music Industry and Business Management in 2011, has worn many hats. While earning her undergraduate degree, she held co-ops at Nettwerk Music Group and the Middle East Nightclub (simultaneously), and later at...

Kevin Kenkel

Technical Manager of Production at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Kevin Kenkel, who graduated in 2011 from Music Industry, has since become the Technical Manager of Production at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. In addition to his day job, he recently received a fellowship from the...

Angelica Hairston


Harpist Angelica Hairston, known for her fiery performances and her passion for social change, graduated from Northeastern with a Master of Science in Music Industry Leadershipin 2016. She is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, and currently serves as the Harp Teacher...

Manuel “Manni Festo” Simon

Podcast “The Poet’s Lounge”

CAMD alumnus Manuel “Manni Festo” Simon ‘16, Music Industry, recently started his own podcast, The Poet’s Lounge with Manni Festo, to help showcase the incredible local “underground” talent he is surrounded by every day. Intended for anyone who wants to discover...

Drew Schweppe

Mobile app “Informusic”

CAMD alumnus Drew Schweppe graduated with a Master of Music Industry Leadership in 2014 and has been busy since. He recently launched a mobile app, Informusic, designed for music students and fans as the all-in-one music history and composer resource. The app,...

Emily White


Emily White ’05, is back with her newest accomplishment: publishing her first book, Interning 101: How to Succeed at Internships & Your First (or new) Job. We caught up with her to hear about her writing process as well as...

David Nathan

Senior Vice President of Promotion and Artist Development

Communications Studies alumnus David Nathan, ’92, Senior Vice President of Promotion and Artist Development at Big Machine Label Group, was recently featured on New England Cable News, analyzing music industry trends. During the interview, David offers his expert take on the...

Andy Sellers

Director for the BU/MIT Cyberlaw Center

Andy Sellers graduated from Northeastern with a B.S. in Music Industry summa cum laude in 2008. He was awarded the Northeastern University Music Industry Excellence Award in 2008. After a number of years as a fellow at the Harvard Law...

David Traver

Resident Music Director and musician for The Blue Man Group

David Traver, AS ’04 Music Technology and Composition, is the resident music director and musician for The Blue Man Group at Universal Studios Orlando, as well as the composer and music director for Orlando-based performance troupe DRIP. We had the...

Ja-Naé Duane

Author of Book

A new book co-authored by Ja-Naé Duane, Class of 2000 (Opera) and a Music Department instructor in Voice, has launched as the “Number One New Release” in Business Entrepreneurship on com. The Startup Equation: A Visual Guide to Building Launching and Scaling Your...

Steven Slate


As the CEO of three companies, Steven Slate, AS’03, is a busy man. He helps run Slate Digital, which specializes in hardware and software that emulates classic analog studio hardware; Slate Media Technology, a brand that creates touchscreen consoles and workflow enhancing...

Emily White

Co­-founder of Whitesmith Entertainment

Emily White is the co­-founder of Whitesmith Entertainment, a highly respected management and consulting firm based in New York and Los Angeles, as well as the tech start­up Dreamfuel, a crowdfunding platform for athletes and teams. White has worked with...