Combined Majors

The College of Arts, Media and Design offers a broad range of curricular options encouraging students to design their own course of study. Combined Majors, Half Majors, and Independent Majors let students combine their interests into one major.


Combined Majors integrate two subject areas into a defined major with a synthesized curriculum. Existing Combined Majors in Music include:

The Bachelor of Science in Music with Concentration in Music Industry, the first such undergraduate program offered in Boston, is designed for students with an interest in fields such as artist management; the music products industry; the recording industry; arts administration; contracting and legal issues; and broadcast, mobile, and online media technologies.


The Department of Communication Studies is committed to providing students with both the communication skills and the understanding of the communication process required to thrive in a complex and changing society. Majors are required to demonstrate a mastery of the fundamentals of effective communication, to learn the fundamentals of communication theory and practice, and to develop a distinct area of emphasis. Some of the more popular areas include argumentation and advocacy, organizational and health communication, international and intercultural communication, digital communication and social media, and media production. The curriculum is designed to enhance the understanding of human communication in a variety of contexts, to empower students to become informed and engaged citizens, and to provide the knowledge and skills required to live a rich personal and professional life.

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This combined major is an interdisciplinary program in which students are encouraged to explore connections between Music and Computer Science. Possibilities include the composition of new musical works based on generative algorithms, the development of digital signal processing software for the manipulation of sound and/or the development of software analysis tools.


Visit the College of Computer and Information Science website for more information about the Computer Science program.


Program Coordinator
Ron Smith

This intercollege combined major is designed for students who would like to explore their interest in music technology while earning the benefit of a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering.

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The Physics/Music Technology combined major is an interdisciplinary program in which students are encouraged to explore connections between Music and Physics.


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Professor Ronald Bruce Smith

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