Asynchrony, Plesiochrony, and Virtual Tempos: Thoughts on Rhythm and Time

Dr. John MacCallum will present an overview of his recent work related to music with multiple, independent, smoothly-varying tempi. He has developed a number of software tools to help composers navigate the myriad technical challenges that present themselves to those wishing to work with such material. In addition to these technical challenges, one must find common musical ground on which the different performers may meet despite their lack of a unifying tempo. He will discuss his recent work Aberration for percussion trio as well as recent works by composer Edmund Campion that represent attempts to make musical sense out of temporal chaos.
John is currently a Visiting Lecturer at Northeastern University where he teaches composition and electronic music. He has previously worked as Musical Applications Programmer at the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies in Berkeley.

Concert Coordinator: Arthur Rishi a.rishi@neu.edu 617.373.2671


Fri, Jan 06, 2012

3:00 pm


233 Ryder Hall

Northeastern University
11 Leon St
Boston, MA 02115