Improvisation in Cross-Cultural Perspectives Symposium

Presented by Professors Susan Asai and Alessandra Ciucci
Opening remarks by Anthony De Ritis and Founding Dean Xavier Costa
9:00 am Symposium
3:45 pm Keynote Speaker
6:30 pm Pre-Concert Reception
7:00 pm Concert, Ozan Aksoy Trio
Stephen Blum, Keynote Speaker (CUNY Graduate Center)
Leonard Brown (Northeastern University)
Rebecca Cline (Berklee College of Music)
Virginia Danielson (Harvard University)
Brita Heimarck (Boston University)
Richard Jankowsky (Tufts University)
Robert Labaree (New England Conservatory)
Miya Masaoka (Composer, Performer, Sound Artist)
George Ruckert (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Julie Strand (Northeastern University)
In recent years improvisation has been recognized as central to many musical practices in the world. Often providing a setting for interaction that promotes an “embodied collective learning,” improvisation has come to be viewed as fostering socialization, enculturation, cultural formation, and community development. The goal of this one-day symposium is to engage scholars, performers, and students in a discourse that includes a wide range of issues and topics on improvisation. The symposium intends to spotlight the contributions of ethnomusicology to the study of improvisation, and highlight the role of ethnography in understanding this musical practice in cross-cultural perspectives. “Improvisation in Cross-Cultural Perspectives” should be thought of as a continuation or expansion of the 2009 “Music and Cultural Diplomacy” symposium (, since it aims to further the much-needed discussion of the role that music plays in fostering mutual understanding, enhanced communication, and improved interaction and cooperation between cultures.

Concert Coordinator: Arthur Rishi 617.373.2671


Fri, Mar 18, 2011

9:00 am


Fenway Center

77 St. Stephen Street
Boston, MA