Norman Granz and Ella Fitzgerald: A Manager and The First Lady of Song

Archivist, Institute of Jazz Studies
Rutgers University, Newark
Tad Hershorn is the author of the forthcoming biography,  Norman Granz. The Man Who Used Jazz for Justice,  (University of California Press, fall 2011.) and an archivist at the noted Institute of  Jazz Studies, Rutgers University, Newark.  He has photographed jazz since the late 1960s, with his work included most recently at exhibitions for Jazz at Lincoln Center.
The subject of his talk is the relationship between Norman Granz and Ella Fitzgerald, which endured over four decades.  Granz was an impressario, record producer, and extraordinary manager of such major jazz artists as Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, and Oscar Peterson. In addition to his founding one of the major jazz  record labels of the twentieth century (Verve Records), Granz championed civil rights  (such as desegregated venues) for the musicians he represented. He is now considered one of the legendary figures in history of jazz within the music industry.
Historical Traditions 4: Ella Fitzgerald and Her World  (Prof. Tick)

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