Student Musicals

These four short musicals are the final projects of the Honors freshman inquiry class, “Making a Musical: Analysis, Craft, and Creation.” The class was organized into four teams. Members of each team collaborated on the script, lyrics, and music for their show and did multiple revisions based on feedback from the instructor and the class. As there were no songwriting prerequisites for the class, Prof. Feinstein edited the student compositions where necessary, did some lyric editing, and created the harmonic accompaniment and arrangements for the songs.


Proposing a Proposal
One man, three rings, and a whole lot of trouble.

Joint Problems
The hip is the least of your issues.

What if love were a crime?

After Goldilocks
A story of happily never after.


Tue, Apr 23, 2013

7:00 pm


Fenway Center

77 St. Stephen Street
Boston, MA