The Concert Band performs music of all levels and genres, including composers old and young, living and non-living, movie themes, jazz inspired music, and the great classic works in the wind band repertoire. Recent guest artists have included Boston Symphony Orchestra members Michael Martin (trumpet), Jason Snider (French horn), and Stephen Lange (trombone), Mike Roylance (tuba), and Cynthia Meyers (piccolo) as well as composer Frank Ticheli.

The ensemble rehearses and performs during both the fall and spring semesters, usually performing one concert each term. The end of fall term concert is often shared with the Wind Ensemble.

Participants are expected to be able to read music, play one of the standard concert band woodwind, brass, or percussion instruments, and have some level of prior experience in such an ensemble. All members who meet these prerequisites are eligible to participate in the Concert Band, and a brief 2 minute audition will be held at the start of the fall semester for seating purposes. There will be an opportunity during the first or second week of the spring semester for new students to be placed and for returning students who wish to change their part.

Concert Band is an extracurricular activity for many, but can also be taken as a free one-credit elective by registering for MUSC 1905. The course may be repeated for credit.

The members of the Concert Band come from all backgrounds and majors, and any interested member of the NU community is eligible to join.


All students interested in both Wind Ensemble and Concert Band will rehearse together in the Fenway Center from 6-8:30pm on the first Thursday of the fall semester.  Auditions will be the following week, Monday from 6-9pm and Thursday from 6-9pm, by appointment, also at the Fenway Center. There will be one required excerpt for all students, selected from the repertoire read during the first joint rehearsal. Students interested in joining the Concert Band will be asked to audition for seating placement, using the selected musical excerpt. Students who wish to audition for the Wind Ensemble are encouraged to prepare a very short (one minute maximum) excerpt that shows both their technical and lyrical playing, in addition to playing the preselected audition music.

For more information please contact Professor Allison Cockshaw-Betsold 

When and where are rehearsals?

Concert Band meets every Monday evening from 6-8:30pm during the fall and spring semesters. Wind Ensemble meets every Thursday evening from 6-8:30pm during the fall and spring semesters. Both ensembles rehearse in the Fenway Center located at 77 St. Stephen Street.

Where can I practice?

Practice rooms are located on the third floor of Ryder Hall. Students may obtain the passcodes to the practice rooms from their ensemble directors or the music office (Ryder 351).

Do I need to have my own instrument?

– Winds and Brass – The music department has a limited stock of some of the more rare/large instruments such as tuba, French horn, oboe, bassoon, baritone saxophone, and bass clarinet. It is HIGHLY RECOMMEND that students who possess their own instruments bring them to campus. Storage space is available for students who need it.

– Percussion – The music department provides the full range of percussion instruments from timpani to a 5 octave marimba to an array of triangles. While we have a small supply of sticks and mallets for students to use, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that students bring their own.  

Can I perform in more than one ensemble?

Absolutely! Please engage yourself in as many of our ensembles as you desire. Please note that each ensemble has its own audition requirement, some more intricate than others. If you have questions about specific NU ensembles always feel free to reach out to its director.

Are there any scholarship opportunities?

Scholarships are awarded to incoming freshmen, usually before the May deposit deadline. For information on our scholarship please visit this page