The N.U.in Program is a unique first-year experience for a select group of undergraduate applicants. You’ll have the opportunity to spend your fall semester studying abroad at one of our five international partner locations. Prepare for the personal and intellectual adventure of college by exploring a new place, immersing yourself in a different culture, broadening your perspective, and sharpening your mind. After the fall semester, you’ll transition to the Boston campus in January to continue your studies at Northeastern with fresh eyes and a wealth of new experiences. CAMD students study abroad with other first-year students and earn a full semester of academic credit.

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These N.U.in locations are options for CAMD in 2021

Destination Guide by CAMD Department

In addition to the international N.U.in locations, all CAMD majors are compatible with N.U.in Boston as well.

The N.U.in program offers great opportunities for architecture students to participate in the built environment of diverse regions of the world. University College Dublin delves students into fundamental design studies of drawing, model-making and site analysis in a studio environment, along with architectural history and opportunities for studies of local landscape geology and urbanism. John Cabot University allows students to study architectural history and field-drawing in Rome, Italy- A city filled with architectural innovations that have been profoundly influential for over 1000 years. The New College of Humanities (NCH) in London England allows students to be introduced to the history of architecture, first-hand, in a cosmopolitan environment that is rich with both historic and industry-leading contemporary design and museums.

To take full advantage of the varied options of the Art + Design curriculum at Northeastern, N.U.in students can consider any of the partner institutions—New College of Humanities in London, England, University College in Dublin, Ireland —as their first-semester destinations, due to their excellent and compatible art and design programs, along with the wealth of world-class museums and cultural opportunities that each city offers.

The Communication Studies Department (which includes the Media and Screen Studies Program) encourages N.U.in students to seriously consider N.U.in Italy. The Communication Studies Department at John Cabot University (Rome) has an outstanding undergraduate program that includes foundational courses in both communication (Public Speaking, Visual Communication, and Intercultural Communication) and media studies (Media, Culture, & Society and Italian Cinema).

To take full advantage of the many options and courses of study available in the School of Journalism—writing, video, audio, data, data visualization and public relations—we recommend that N.U.in students consider choosing UCD in Dublin, Ireland. It offers courses that can be applied to your major as well as exposure to exciting news and media opportunities. We make a strong effort, no matter where you are in the world, to connect you with your fellow students on the Boston campus, and with faculty, to share your global experiences and help us build an exciting and rich Journalism student community.

The Department of Music at Northeastern University offers a wide range of flexibly designed undergraduate majors and combined majors, all reflecting a cross-disciplinary approach to the study and practice of music, underscored by real-world experiential learning, cutting­-edge technology, and global experience opportunities. To take full advantage of the varied and intense options of the music curriculum at Northeastern, we recommend that N.U.in students consider choosing University College Dublin as their first-semester destination, due to its excellent and highly compatible music program, along with a variety of high-level out-of-classroom musical opportunities.

As a hub for creative practice research, the Department of Theatre believes that the study of theatre is deeply enriched by fostering a global perspective. Each year, 10-15 outstanding theatre majors are specially selected to participate in the N.U.in program – students that have a high level of artistic potential in addition to their academic merits. We have strong relationships with our partners in London and Rome, and we suggest that you consider these as your first option. For students interested in combining Theatre with other majors, additional opportunities are available in Dublin.

*Site Selection Notes


England: Students must be 18 years of age by September 2, 2021
*Some locations reach capacity very quickly!  Once a site has been selected, students cannot switch to a different location.

Course Suggestions for CAMD Students at N.U.in Locations

N.U.in students have many options for courses at their N.U.in location, including elective and NUpath courses. IN ADDITION, BELOW ARE SUGGESTED MAJOR-SPECIFIC COURSES AND THEIR NORTHEASTERN EQUIVALENTS BASED ON AREAS OF INTEREST IN CAMD. Please note, courses marked with an asterisk (*) are pending evaluation and Northeastern equivalencies listed may change.

Major Course
Architecture ARCH 1310: Buildings and Cities, A Global History
Architecture MATH 1241: Calculus 1
Art + Design ARTF 1122/1123: Color and Composition with Tools
Art + Design ARTH 1111: Global Art and Design History: Renaissance to Modern
Design ARTG 1250: Design Process, Context, and Systems
Communication Studies COMM 1101: Introduction to Communication Studies
Communication Studies COMM 1112: Public Speaking
Game Design GAME 1110: Games & Society
Journalism JRNL 1150: Understanding Today’s News
Media and Screen Studies MSCR 1220: Media, Culture and Society
Music MUSC 1001: Music in Everyday Life
Music MUSC 1119: Fundamentals of Western music Theory
Music MUSC 2330: Musical Communities of Boston
Theatre THTR 2335: Boston Theatre Experience
Major Course Abroad Northeastern Equivalent
Architecture Architecture of London: Building a Global Metropolis ARCH 2370: Topics in Architectural History
Architecture Calculus for Business MATH 1231: Calculus for Business and Economics
Art + Design Deconstructing the Canon: Social Histories of European Art ARTH 1110: Global Art + Design History: Anc. to Med.
Design Design Process and Systems ARTG 1250: Design Process Context and Systems
Theatre British Drama and the London Stage THTR 1990: Theatre Elective
Major Course Abroad Northeastern Equivalent
Architecture Architectural Design I ARCH 3450: Advanced Architectural Communication
Architecture History & Theory of the Designed Environment I ARCH 2370:  Special Topics in Architectural History
Architecture Discovering Ireland’s Geology ENVR 1200/1201 Dynamic Earth
Architecture Foundation of Physics PHYS 1151/2/3: Physics for Engineering 1 with Lab
Architecture Introduction to Calculus for Engineers MATH 1341: Calculus 1 for Science and Engineering
Art + Design Dublin Its Museums and Collections ARTH 1111: Global Art and Design History: Renaissance to Modern
Journalism Digital Judgement INSH 1990: Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Sciences
Journalism News Media Today JRNL 1150: Understanding Todays News
Media and Screen Studies Perspectives on Film I MSCR 1990: Media and Screen Studies Elective
Music  Music in Ireland MUSC 2540: Special Topics in Music
Music Popular Music and Culture MUSC 2310: Popular Music Since 1945
Music  Writing about Music MUSC 1990: Music Elective
Music Musicianship MUSC 1119: Fundamentals of Western Music Theory
Music Making, Doing, Interpreting MUSC 1001: Music in Everyday Life
Theatre Early Irish Theatre Movement THTR 1990: Theater elective
Theatre Theatre Context and Conventions THTR 1990: Theater Elective


Major Course Abroad Northeastern Equivalent
Architecture Ancient Rome and Its Monuments ARCH 2370: Topics in Architectural History
Architecture Cities, Towns & Villas: Rome, Ostia, Pompeii ARCH 2370: Topics in Architectural History
Art + Design Beginning Painting ARTS 2340: Painting Basics
Art + Design Digital Photography ARTD 2360: Photo Basics
Art + Design World Art I: Visual Culture from the Stone Age to Late Antiquity ARTH 1110: Global Art and Design History: Ancient to Medieval
Art + Design World Art III: Visual Culture of the Early Modern World ARTH 1111: Global Art and Design History: Renaissance to Modern
Art + Design World Art IV: Visual Culture of the Modern and Contemporary World ARTH 2210: Modern Art & Design History
Communication Studies Intercultural Communications COMM 2303: Global and Intercultural Communication
Communication Studies Introduction to Visual Communication COMM 1990: Communications Elective
Communication Studies Public Speaking: Oral Rhetoric and Persuasion COMM 1112: Public Speaking
Media and Screen Studies Italian Cinema MSCR 1990: Media and Screen Studies Elective
Media and Screen Studies Media, Culture, and Society MSCR 1220: Media, Culture, and Society
Theatre Introduction to Theatrical Performance THTR 1101: Introduction to Theatre