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NU AIAS Freedom By Design has partnered with Egleston Square Main Street to provide a design proposal that enhances and beautifies the existing Egleston Square Peace Garden. This was an underutilized piece of land which has been revived in the past few years thanks to the intervention of Egleston Square Main Street. It currently provides a space for the community to display art work, a lending library, a wooden platform for performances and a space for a variety of community events.

NU AIAS FBD has been contacted to study a proposal of small scale installations that can have a positive effect on the community. During the Spring semester, students have been working on surveys and drawings that depict the existing site conditions and they have also begun a design for an ADA ramp that will provide accessibility to the existing wooden stage.

This past Saturday March 19th, a group of students hosted a Community Charrette Meeting, where they were able to engage with the community. The students were able to learn about the local vision for the Peace Garden, which would enable the them as designers to provide a sound proposal that addresses the community needs. The event lasted approximately 2 hours and with the help of Egleston Square Main Streets, our team had a productive session where many great ideas were collected.

The next step will be to prepare a design proposal with full sets of drawings ready for permitting. Any student (from any field) interested in being part of this team, can email Natalia Escobar at [email protected]