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A new book co-authored by Ja-Naé Duane, Class of 2000 (Opera) and a Music Department instructor in Voice, has launched as the “Number One New Release” in Business Entrepreneurship on

The Startup Equation: A Visual Guide to Building Launching and Scaling Your Startup (MCGRAW-HILL, 2016) is described by Ja-Naé and her co-author and husband, Steven Fisher, as “a holistic and comprehensive approach to the unique challenges facing aspiring entrepreneurs. The book includes the only startup table of elements and the first-ever entrepreneurial equation developed by the authors to give entrepreneurs the tools to calculate the kind of startup they should launch.”

Of the book, Duane says, “The Startup Equation is for those kindred spirits with the drive to make the world a better place through launching and growing responsible businesses. It will inspire and those impassioned to create change and  give them the tools they need to do it.”

In addition to her affiliation with the Department of Music, Ms. Duane is Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Clark University.