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School of Architecture Professor Amanda Reeser Lawrence Awarded 2019 Graham Foundation Grant for Issue of Architectural Journal PRAXIS

Amanda Reeser Lawrence, School of Architecture.

CAMD faculty member Amanda Reeser Lawrence, Associate Professor in the School of Architecture, was recently awarded a 2019 Graham Foundation grant to support the final issue of her co-edited architectural journal PRAXISA Journal of Writing + Building. The publication is an award-winning journal of contemporary architecture of the Americas and the theme of Issue 15 will be “Bad Architectures.” It will magnify the wrinkles, ripples, disturbances, disruptions, and glitches within the field, framing them as opportunities and alternative ways of working or thinking.

PRAXIS reflects Professor Lawrence’s expertise areas; her research focuses on a close reading of architectural form with a particular interest in contemporary American and European architecture. PRAXIS 15: Bad Architectures, which Professor Lawrence co-edited with Ashley Schafer and Irina Verona, will feature designers who are operating in places within the field that have conventionally been considered uninteresting, unworthy, trivial, extraneous, or inferior, with the intention of restarting architectural debate.

Read more about the project here. Congratulations Professor Lawrence on this fantastic news. The Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, which aims to foster the development and exchange of diverse and challenging ideas about architecture and its role in the arts, culture, and society, has awarded more than 4,500 grants since its inception, and has become one of the most significant funders in the field of architecture.