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In the summer of 2015, we asked current students and recent alumni to share photos that represented the theme of global engagement. We were delighted to see the broad range of experiences represented and read about the meaningful and lasting impact of these international journeys. Based on votes from the CAMD community, here are the top three photos from the 2nd Annual CAMD Goes Global Photo Challenge and the student stories behind them.

1st Place


Joe Thomas, AMD’18
Journalism major, Chinese minor
Dialogue of Civilizations, Summer 2015
Madrid, Spain

“On one of the first nights we arrived in Madrid, everyone on the dialogue came to the Temple of Debod, an ancient Egyptian temple that was dismantled and reconstructed in Spain. It is located in the beautiful Parque del Oeste, which was right next to where I was staying so I was able to pass by this regularly.

[This photo] reminds me of all of the amazing cultural sights I was able to experience and learn about firsthand while there. It also reminds me of how fun it was to explore a new country together as a group. The entire group sat for hours in front of the temple just laughing and enjoying each other’s company. This was just one of the many moments that bonded us together as a group, but it was an especially beautiful one. … [My experience abroad] changed how I approach visiting new places but also how I approach learning about the places back home. Since I’ve been back in Boston, I’ve continued the same sorts of photojournalism projects I started on the dialogue by documenting and appreciating local stories in the Boston area.”

2nd Place


McKenna Curtis, AMD’18
Design major with a concentration in Graphic and Information Design
Study Abroad, Spring 2015
Florence, Italy

“This photo was taken during one of my first weeks in Florence. It shows a man who would often visit this particular piazza, Piazza della Repubblica, and use his giant bubble wand to entertain the kids who were there. This quickly became my favorite spot in Florence – with the carousel, the bubbles, and the street musicians and artists who liked to hang out here, it was always magical.

Studying abroad and living in a different country for four months opened my eyes to more of the world than I ever thought I would be able to see. Experiencing a culture that was so different from my own taught me just how unique everyone’s worldview is, and how much that is affected by where you are from. It was amazing to me how many differences there were, big and small – from the importance of family, to how a grocery store works. And even though there were many cultural differences, it also taught me just how similar we all are, despite where we come from.”

3rd Place


Sydney Smoot, AMD’17
Communication Studies major, Cinema Studies minor
Dialogue of Civilizations, Summer 2015

“A brief stop in Switzerland after the London Documentary Filmmaking Dialogue led me to the awe-inspiring view of The Eiger and surrounding Swiss Alps, which encouraged me to continue to travel and engage with other cultures.

My experience abroad gave me the opportunity to experience the world through various lenses, specifically by engaging in conversation with world travelers of all ages.”

Thanks again to all the participants in the 2015 CAMD Goes Global Photo Challenge! View the complete gallery of submissions on our website and keep sharing your global photos on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr with the hashtag #CAMD.