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RISE, the Research, Innovation, Scholarship and Entrepreneurial Expo,is the showcase for the cross-disciplinary research and creative projects being undertaken by Northeastern’s solution-focused, leading-edge students, faculty, and staff. A decade old, RISE is the largest event of its kind in the nation, as nearly 400 presenters, over 100 judges, and 1000+ attendees join us for this annual event.

We congratulate all the participants from the School of Architecture. Even during this more challenging year, our students had great success at the expo! See the list of award winners from our program below.


Humanities and Arts, Graduate

Presenter(s): Ghalia Ammar, MArch’21, Architecture; Sophia Sabaten, MArch’21, Architecture; Allan Cohen, MArch’21, Architecture
Faculty Mentor: Jeremy Munn, CAMD, Architecture


Data and Digital Storytelling, Graduate
Mathematical Methods and Dance
Presenter(s): Nicole Zizzi, CAMD MArch ’21
Faculty Mentor: John Straub, Boston University, Professor of Chemistry

Data and Digital Storytelling, Undergraduate
Bridging the Divide: A Toolkit for Urban Development
Presenter(s): Jake Okrent, CAMD’26, Architecture
Faculty Mentor: Taskina Tareen, CAMD, Architecture

Design, Undergraduate

Urban Resilience through Activating Architectural Ecologies
Presenter(s): Anastasia Leopold, CAMD ’21, Architecture
Faculty Mentor: David Fannon, CAMD/COE, Architecture & Civil Engineering

Design, Undergraduate

Biodegradable Architecture
Presenter(s): Isabella Greco, CAMD’23, Architecture
Faculty Mentor: Mary Hale, CAMD, Architecture


Humanities and Arts
Patterns of Inclusive Design: An Accessible and Multisensory Approach
Presenter(s): Kathryn Platt, MArch’21, Architecture
Faculty Mentor: David Fannon, CAMD/COE, Architecture & Civil and Environmental Engineering