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From Boston to Austin

SXSW‬ is one of the largest arts festivals in the country, so naturally ‪‎CAMD‬ had to go check it out. We’re sending a crack team of CAMD Music Industry students to Austin, Texas where they will be covering all of the action live with blog, Facebook, Instagram (@northeasterncamd), and Twitter (@NU_CAMD) posts full of pictures, videos, and of course, music. Follow along with #NUsxsw tag on social media, and on our website!

The student team also hosted an alumni event so Northeastern Alumni from Austin and those attending SXSW could come together to network with fellow huskies. The Cedar Door hosted the event, featuring Big Phony, Still Parade, and NU-alumnus founded Moniker Guitars.

Meet the Team

Adam Kenny
Music Director at 104.9 WRBB, singer/songwriter, and the next President
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Rae Fagin
General Manager at 104.9 WRBB, natural leader, and secretly Ellen Page
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Quinn Slattery
Music Director at 104.9 WRBB, music connoisseur, and an avid fan of mustard chili
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Lauren Bodin
Head of A&R at Green Line Records, music trendsetter, and can mute people on command
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30 Years, 30 Artists
As the annual South By Southwest festival reaches a huge milestone in celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, the SXSW student team decided to round out 30 of their personal favorite artists of the festival and write short bits about what makes them stand out from the rest of the pack. 6 new artists every volume, every day of the SXSW festival!



The Pre-SXSW Playlist

The Full 30 Years, 30 Artists Playlist

Their Perspective

Check out the SXSW Student Team’s perspective at SXSW, with videos and photos of concerts, scenery, and the alumni event from CAMD’s Instagram!

There’s More To Come!

It may be the end of SXSW; the student team may have come home, but there is still content coming! Keep your eyes peeled for more interviews and stories with alumni from this year’s #NUsxsw.