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CAMD student Liliana Piña (second from left) photographed with fellow Northeastern co-ops at the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. 

Northeastern School of Journalism and Media Screen Studies undergraduate student Liliana Piña, having recently completed a co-op at the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, has certainly made the most of her time at Northeastern so far. An active participant in organizations like Husky Ambassadors, Northeastern University Television, Jumpstart and more, Liliana has been able to thrive creatively, contribute to her community, and share her passion for Northeastern with prospective and incoming students from around the globe. We had the opportunity to check in with Liliana and learn more about her experiences, both on co-op and here on campus, below!

What were your responsibilities while on co-op at the Boston Chamber of Commerce?

My main role at the Chamber was to assist the VP of Marketing and Communications with her tasks. I spent a lot of time writing and editing content (for emails, announcements, social media, the website, etc.) and drafted many blog posts, media advisories, and press releases. I also wrote remarks for speakers at several of our events, many of them being upper level executives. While my days would typically vary, each morning I would send out a morning briefing to the entire staff which served to inform them about news relevant to the Chamber, its members, and its many initiatives. Afterward I would typically draft a few tweets for social media and then begin working on whatever long-form project I was currently doing.

What was the most rewarding experience you had while working at the Boston Chamber of Commerce?

The most rewarding experience on my co-op was definitely attending our Annual Meeting. This is a yearly event the Chamber hosts and more than 1,700 leaders of our region’s business community gather together for a fancy dinner, networking, and a keynote speech. This year we had the opportunity to hear from Bozoma Saint John – former CMO of Uber – and she delivered a fantastic speech about being your authentic self and listening to your instincts. Not only was amazing to see how all of our hard work paid off – we had been working on this event nonstop for months – but it was incredible to be in the room with so many distinguished people, including Marty Walsh and Governor Charlie Baker.

What are some of your interests or passions, and how have you been able to incorporate them into your professional experiences?

My greatest passions have always been reading and writing; luckily, my coursework coincides with these passions. Additionally, I am very passionate about music — I am a frequent concert goer — and I love talking to people. I was able to further these passions during my co-op experience, as much of my work involved writing and talking to people either at the office or at one of our numerous events. I also love to travel and meet new people, and my job as a Campus Visit Representative at Northeastern’s Visitor Center provides me with a great way to meet students and families from around the globe. I love sharing the Northeastern experience as much as I love hearing about our diverse applicants from all across the world, and I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to hear their stories while sharing mine as well!

How have your experiences here at Northeastern helped prepare you for your most recent (or future) co-op?

My time in Husky Ambassadors has really helped me hone in on my leadership and public speaking skills – two assets that helped me immensely during my co-op experience. This role also allowed me to develop strong communication skills and aided in my ability to multitask, provide quality customer service and plan long-term events. My journey with Husky Ambassadors is far from being over, but the skills I developed in this organization have already contributed to many successes, both in work and in my personal life, and I could not have succeeded at my co-op without the confidence, adaptability, and pep Husky Ambassadors has instilled in me since day one.