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Meet Steve Kurz, a third-year music major at Northeastern University.

How did you find your passion for music and why did you choose to pursue this in college?

I’ve surrounded myself with music pretty much my whole life. I’ve played piano since I was 5, I got involved in music in school, and realized pretty early on that I wanted to make a career out of it. I wanted to integrate the technical side of things so I decided to major in Music Industry at Northeastern, with a minor in Music Technology.

Tell us about your position with your Artist Manager.

I worked at Good Harbor Music as a “Special Projects” Co-op, which meant I worked on material for a number of artists on Good Harbor’s roster, which includes Father John Misty, Guster, Rostam, and Tall Heights.

What were some of your responsibilities with Artist Managers?

One major project I worked on was a TikTok marketing campaign, in which I worked with influencers and content creators to promote some of these artists’ music on the platform. I also worked on playlisting strategies for these artists to cover more ground beyond Apple Music or Spotify.

What was the most rewarding experience about working with your Artist Manager?

One of the most rewarding experiences was forming relationships with my co-workers, who are working on very exciting things. Interacting with them within the back end of the music industry was a fantastic experience.

How will this co-op experience influence your future work as a student and artist?

This experience helped plenty to round out my knowledge of the music industry, and has given me a better appreciation for all the work that goes in behind the scenes to help an artist be successful. I feel better prepared to push my own career as well as help lift up artists around me.