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Thessaloniki, Greece

Northeastern’s School of Journalism is sending a group of 18 students to Greece as part of a Dialogue of Civilizations program. Taking place in both Athens and Thessaloniki, the Dialogue will allow Professor of the Practice Mike Beaudet and Assistant Teaching Professor Carlene Hempel to challenge students to create an online multi-media magazine featuring both print and broadcast work. Through intensive, on the ground reporting, the team of both undergraduate and graduate students will emerge as experienced international reporters.

Among those going on the trip are five students who, through a competition, won the chance to share their experiences with CAMD through our social media channels. From May 8 to June 13, 2017, these five will blog about some of their most exciting moments abroad. Follow them, and others on the trip, at and on social media with the hashtags #CAMDinGreece and #CAMDTakeover.

Meet our representatives below!

Olivia Arnold

My name is Olivia Arnold, and I’m a third-year journalism major with minors in political science and international affairs. I’m excited to try out international reporting in Greece, where I will get to combine my loves for writing, storytelling and traveling. I’m most passionate about covering politics and women’s issues.

Suma Hussien

My name is Suma Hussien, and I am a senior in the Design: Graphic and Information design program at Northeastern University. I am most looking forward to using the skills I have learned in my design training such as data visualization, photography, as well as video production to amplify stories that will be produced during our upcoming reporting experience in Greece.

Paxtyn Merten

My name is Paxtyn Merten and I’m a freshman studying journalism and data science at Northeastern. I am excited to be thrown into a country with an entirely new culture and language, and to have to find and report stories within that country. There is no better way to learn to be a global reporter than by being put right into the mix of it, and I know this experience will inform my reporting like no other has before.

Isaac Feldberg

Hi there! My name is Isaac Feldberg. I’m a third-year journalism major with minors in political communication and media/screen studies. I’m excited to begin immersing myself in Greek culture, politics, and community with an eye to highlighting the country’s unique artistic accomplishments and most pressing, contemporary social issues.

Bridget Peery

My name is Bridget Peery and I am a first-year journalism graduate student. My interests lie in domestic politics and foreign correspondence.  I have always had a strong interest in photojournalism so I am constantly taking my camera with me where ever I go. Whether it’s through words or images, storytelling has been something I have long had a passion for and seeing the world is at the top of my to do list.