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April 4 – 10, 2016 | CAMD This Week brings you designing the IESC, an investigation into terrorist media coverage, and events!



Spotlight Comes to Northeastern

Image via Northeastern

Tomorrow, Walter “Robby” Robinson, and Academy Award-winning screenwriter Josh Singer come to Northeastern for a discussion about Spotlight, the 2016 Oscar Winner for Best Picture. Hear about the real story uncovered by The Boston Globe reporters, and how it was adapted for the big screen. Register for the event now! Read More →


Designing the New Science Center

Image via Northeastern

Jeff Alex, AMD ’16, is an architecture student who had the interesting opportunity to co-op for the firm that designed the brand new Northeastern Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Complex. Read about his experience working for Payette. Read More →


Media Coverage of Terrorist Attacks

Image via Northeastern

Professor John Wihbey investigates media coverage surrounding terrorist attacks around the world and seeks to identify reporting biases in Western and European cities, compared to coverage of other attacks elsewhere in the world.
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Image via Northeastern

Jena Goldman’s #CAMDtakeover

For an in-depth perspective on what student life is like at Northeastern, we’ve joined efforts with CAMD students for a weekly Instagram takeover. Recently, Jena Goldman, AMD ’19, managed the #CAMDtakeover through her photos and videos. Read about what inspired her! Read More →


#CAMD Photos of the Week: March 2016

Image via Northeastern

Even though it feels like winter, the calendar says its springtime. See how the CAMD community has welcomed the new season through our Photos of the Week! Read More →



Learn, Design, Create

Image via Northeastern

The Department of Art + Design is hosting three events this week, beginning with a public exhibition of the student design project, “The Future of Making Things,” to a workshop on affect space at MIT, and concluding with a sensory learning guest lecture and workshop by Lesley Kadish. Read More →


spark Gallery Submissions

Image via Northeastern

The spark Gallery is looking for submissions for their new pop-up show, Peek. Artists will be filling a 7′ x 4′ block of space to be publicly displayed in the tunnels near Curry Student Center. Submission deadline is Thursday. Read More →


Scout Presents: Using Typography to Build A Brand

Image via Northeastern

Steve Matteson of Monotype, the creator of famous typefaces such as Cambria, Open Sans, and the Droid family, will be coming to Northeastern to talk about how typography influences branding. Read More →


For Your Ears Only

Image via Northeastern

The Department of Music is hosting two performances this week starting with the Northeastern Concert Band Presents: A Night At the Pops! and finishing the weekend with the Northeastern Choral Society’s Camina Burana. Get your tickets on myNEU today! Read More →


Center for the Arts at Northeastern

Image via Northeastern
Northeastern’s Center for the Arts presents three events this week including a Food for Thought lunch discussion on journalism and communication, a discussion with a Pulitzer Prize-winning photo journalist Lynsey Addario, and a screening and discussion with the author on a Boston urban renewal project. Read More →


  • WRBB, Northeastern’s campus radio station is hosting their annual Spring Bliss concert featuring Kevin Devine, The Hoteliers, and Petal on Monday night. NU only admission in AfterHours. Check their Facebook page for more details!
  • Submit 3 things! Art + Design wants your artwork for their end-of-year senior show at Gallery 360! Just submit 3 pieces of your artwork, from any time, year, and medium and you’ll be guaranteed to have at least one of your works displayed in the exhibit!
  • Don’t know where to go for lunch? Eating the same thing every day? Well, The Lunch Report, started by CAMD’s own Larissa Weinstein, can help by sending a virtual menu of the food trucks and specials around your area of Boston. Sign up today to spice up your lunch break!
  • Check our events page for all of the events coming up this week including guest lectures, screenings, and even more discussions.