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LHW Headshot Oct 2014

Larissa Weinstein: The Lunch Report

Image via Northeastern

Larissa Weinstein AMD ’17 is a current Media and Screen Studies student, and when she’s not in class she’s busy being the President and CEO of The Lunch Report. We got to sit down and talk with Larissa about The Lunch Report, and how she manages to balance it all. Read More →


David Traver, Musician and Performer

Image via Northeastern

David Traver AS ’04 was a student who was always craving more music. After playing for the Blue Man Group and becoming their Music Director for their production in Orlando, he set out to create a new experience called DRIP.
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CAMD Student Wins Google Fellowship

Image via Northeastern

Jorge Cara­ballo Cor­dovez is a current Media Innovation graduate student. Recently he was awarded the Google News Lab Fellowship, where he will be working for a new startup developing content for web and social media. Read More →


Jackson Hyland-Lipski, Screen Magic

Image via Northeastern

After having extended his co-op to nine months for the production team of Netflix Original What Happened, Ms. Simone?, the series is now up for an Academy Award. Read about his journeys on set and how he started filming his own documentary.
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The New York Theatre Experience

Image via Northeastern

Backstage tours, interviews with award-winning theatre-makers, workshops with professionals, and of course, watching and listening to critcally-acclaimed shows. Here is one student’s take on the New York Theatre Experience 2015. Read More →


Understanding Twitter Racism

Image via Communication Currents

After Miss New York, Nina Davuluri, was crowned Miss America in 2014, a firestorm of explicitly racist tweets started to circulate about Indian Americans. Communication Studies Professor Nakayama takes a closer look at how this became a viral trend. Read More →


#CAMD Photos of the Week

Image via Northeastern

From snowy dug-outs to uncharacteristically warm weather, here are the photos from Feburary’s #CAMD Photos of the Week!
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Disney Artist, Nick Orsi, Behind-the-Scenes

Image via Northeastern

Join us for a behind the scenes look at the animation work for Disney’s latest movie Zootopia with Disney Artist Nick Orsi. Moderated by CAMD’s Head of Animation, Michael McCarthy. Monday, February 29 at 7pm. RSVP is required, click here to register.
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On Fire to Hire Startup Expo

Image via Northeastern

Are you interested in working for one on New England’s hottest companies? The On Fire to Hire Startup Expo will have 50+ startups to network with students and Alumni! Register below and get your spot at On Fire To Hire 2016! Monday, February 29.
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Introduction to Critiques

Image via Northeastern

Interested in learning how to talk about art-work? Want some feedback on recent work? Come join us as we discuss what makes a good versus bad critique and why giving and receiving critiques are useful! Wednesday, March 2.
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Superstition vs. Simplification – Visual Data Mining & Its Pitfalls

Image via Northeastern

Information design is a rapidly growing field. More and more companies are leveraging big data to gain insight into their market. Come learn how information design can help translate numbers to organization goals with Dietmar Oftenhuber, Chair of CAMD’s Information Design Graduate program. Thursday, March 3.
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  • Don’t know where to go for lunch? Eating the same thing every day? Well, The Lunch Report, started by CAMD’s own Larissa Weinstein, can help by sending a virtual menu of the food trucks and specials around your area of Boston. Sign up today to spice up your lunch break!
  • Look out for pictures on the CAMD Instagram by Tom Minieri, an Architecture student and Graphic Designer for the CAMD Dean’s Office! And let us know if you want to take over the CAMD Instagram on social media or email us at [email protected]!
  • The spark Gallery is looking for submissions for their first show, XYZ, in their upcoming series “Media” in response to the question, “what is 3D?” Students are encouraged to submit artwork by the Friday, March 4 deadline.