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To get a more in-depth perspective on what student life is like here at Northeastern, we decided to facilitate a CAMD Instagram takeover for one week with CAMD students. Take as many photos of what matters to you, whether that be a project, schoolwork, or just a sunset. If you’d like to takeover the CAMD Instagram, let us know by submitting your Instagram account to our email!

#NUsxsw in Austin, Texas

SXSW‬ is one of the largest arts festivals in the country, so naturally ‪‎CAMD‬ had to go check it out. We sent a crack team of CAMD Music Industry students to Austin, Texas where they will be covered all of the action live. Here are the photos they took of the SXSW events they saw. Click here to go to their page on our site, that has their playlists, bios, blog posts, and search #NUsxsw on social media for their posts on CAMD Facebook and Twitter.

Photos and Videos from SXSW

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