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To get a more in-depth perspective on what student life is like here at Northeastern, we decided to facilitate a CAMD Instagram takeover for one week with CAMD students. Take as many photos of what matters to you, whether that be a project, schoolwork, or just a sunset. If you’d like to takeover the CAMD Instagram, let us know by submitting your Instagram account to our email!

Jena Goldman

Jena, @jenagoldman, is a second-year graphic design major at Northeastern. We asked her a few questions to get a better idea of what the inspiration was behind the photos she took during her #CAMDtakeover.

1. What has been your favorite experience while at Northeastern?

I have really good memories of Northeastern from this past fall. I love our campus during September and I spent a lot of my time hanging out in Centennial and random picnic tables. At that time of year, everyone is outside all the time and there is an unique sense of community.

2. What made you choose your major?

Growing up I always wanted to become a photographer so it was natural that I entered Northeastern as Media Arts major. However I am not attracted to the career path of a photographer in today’s society. I realized that studying design would open me up to a professional environment that I am more interested in. I do not know what specific kind of career path I want to pursue, but I do know that I want to work with both design and photography.

3. What inspired the photographs that you took during the takeover?

The images I took during my takeover were mostly of places around Northeastern I walk through on a regular basis but rarely photograph. I take the orange line to work twice a week and have always found something oddly engaging about the stairs and escalators in Ruggles, however I never have photographed them. I saw this takeover as an opportunity to photograph whats around me everyday but so often overlooked.

Jena’s Photos and Videos

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