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Rachel Basso, current student in Communication Studies, is finding her current co-op experience quite a unique one. She is the Communications Co-op at Ten Bridge Communications, a consulting firm that is redefining the impact an agency can have on the growth of leading biotechnology companies. Rachel, who works alongside the growing company’s two CEOs on a daily basis, is excited to be an important part of the action.

The firm, where startup life meets public relations, recently celebrated its first year in business and hired its tenth employee. Paired with a constantly growing client base, the environment at the office is fast paced and all hands on deck.

“I generally start my day early in the morning with media monitoring and send news coverage reports out to clients, before jumping in on ad-hoc projects for the remainder of the day,” Rachel said. “The rapidly shifting work environment is fast paced; while sometimes stressful it’s also very exciting. I am grateful for it overall, as I have been given the responsibility of a full-time employee with experience that far surpasses mine.”

Now, past the half-way point of the co-op, Rachel is thinking about how it will tie into her future: her last semester of coursework at Northeastern and entering the working world upon graduation in May. She said, “I have been thrust into the world of PR, and learned that it is not for the timid! It is an environment where you can’t be afraid to ask questions or make mistakes, and you really need to rely on your team and know that they are relying on you as well.” The work environment has helped her to figure out her likes and dislikes as well as her strengths and weaknesses, which will help her find the right fit for a post-grad position.

Looking to the classroom, she has found that her writing intensive courses at Northeastern prepared her well for a writing intensive industry. This co-op has shown her how lengthy research papers for class teach valuable real-world skills, and she will return to campus with a new appreciation for the small details that have big impact on the job.