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Networking leads to full-time job after graduation

Area of Emphasis: Production & Entertainment

Alondrea’s passion for entertainment media has landed her co-ops with Viacom, Us Weekly, and most recently, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. After taking several production courses in the Communication Studies Department – including the Summer Dialogue on Documentary Filmmaking in London, she was eager to be inside a studio and get a firsthand look at how the most popular late-night TV show comes to life.

In addition to some not-so-glamorous tasks, like keeping the office tidy and making personal errand runs for Jimmy and the producer, Alondrea’s position as a General Production Intern offered some amazing experiences on set.

“I helped gather audience members for the show, rehearsed alongside Jimmy and multiple guests, and was even able to give my input on some segments. The most memorable was being able to rehearse on the set of Good Burger for the Kenan and Kel reunion. I felt as though I was a part of my childhood.”

The opportunity felt surreal at times – being surrounded by such successful people. But they took time to mentor Alondrea and inspire confidence. The best piece of advice she received on co-op: “No one is going to make you feel important or allow you to show them that you’re perfect for the job. You have to get up and make them see that you’re one of a kind.”

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