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Politics and Press Relations at the Local, State and National Level

Areas of Emphasis: Public Advocacy, Organizational Communication

Cassandra discovered a deep interest in political and social justice issues while taking Professor Carole Bell’s class “Communication, Politics & Social Change” at Northeastern. After completing her first co-op in Community Relations with The Boston Globe, she sought out more opportunities for community engagement in a political setting and secured a position as a staff assistant in Massachusetts Congressman Seth Moulton’s office.

“I was thrilled to land a co-op with a progressive representative in which everything I learned in [Dr. Bell’s course] would not only be relevant, but extraordinarily helpful. At many political offices in Boston, I would have been an unpaid intern; but at Seth Moulton’s office, I am managing the intern program myself.”

Cassandra handled the recruitment, interviewing, hiring and training of interns for three different intern cycles. She was also responsible for managing initial intake and correspondence with constituents requesting meetings with the Congressman.

“We did daily morning calls with Capitol Hill. I loved reading about bills on Politico or CNN, then hearing that our office is part of the team working on them. I even met President Obama’s Small Business Administration Cabinet Secretary when she visited our office!”

The co-op with Congressman Moulton not only reassured Cassandra of her interest in the broad field of politics and community relations. Her next adventure takes her to Washington, D.C., where she’ll be a part of an actual team in the House Minority Leadership Office under Nancy Pelosi. She’s excited to make even more connections and determine whether working for Congress is where she sees herself long term!

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