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Working in London for a leading global advertising firm

Area of Emphasis: Strategic Communication

Young & Rubicam (Y&R) is one of the leading global marketing communications companies, with more than 180 offices in 93 countries. Lauren knew her best opportunities for going abroad would be during her time at Northeastern, inspiring her to co-op at Y&R’s European Headquarters in London.

As a Junior Brand Strategist, she had a unique role. Instead of working with a few clients from the local agency, Lauren assisted the advertising planning team with research and analysis projects across different parts of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

“I analyzed data from Y&R’s proprietary consumer insights database to help inform the account team. Every day was different. I could work on a snack food bran from Switzerland and a fast food restaurant in Africa all in one day!”

The Communication Studies Department offered her a well-balanced curriculum, enabling her to think conceptually and pragmatically about her work.

“For example, we used SPSS in ‘Research Methods,’ which was the same statistical software I used in the office. I also learned theories in some of my other classes, like ‘Intercultural Communication,’ that helped explain the trends behind the data I was analyzing.”

She loved the entire experience, but perhaps the most valuable lesson was learning how to adjust to a new environment and live authentically in a foreign country.

“I had to find housing, grocery shop, do my taxes, commute to work… After this co-op and graduating from Northeastern, I was re-hired by Y&R in New York and felt confident in moving to a new place on my own.”

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