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Organizational Communication at The Federal Reserve and AMC Networks

Areas of Emphasis: Organizational Communication

In July 2015, Matthew began his first co-op as a Communications Assistant at The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, which works to promote sound growth and financial stability in New England and the nation. There, he was responsible for creating content for the Bank’s internal website to keep staff informed of institutional news. He was also tasked with conducting industry research on best practices for internal communication strategies.

“One of the best moments for me was seeing a story that I worked on published to the Bank’s site where the byline actually read my name.”

In July 2016, he switched industries and moved to New York City to work in the Corporate Communication Department of AMC Networks, which owns and operates popular cable networks including AMC, IFC, the Sundance Channel. His primary responsibilities involved monitoring press coverage of the company and maintaining their public press website where he posted press releases and corporate bios.

He attributes his success on co-op in part to his Communication Studies coursework – not only for a strong theoretical foundation, but for helping him learn how to perform under pressure.

“Television Studio Production, though not directly related to the jobs I had, taught me how to produce a live television segment in exactly 10 minutes. After that, writing a story or completing an assignment on time seemed way less daunting. Assignments like that really strengthen your ability to perform on co-op.”

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