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A passion for television production grows even stronger

Area of Emphasis: Production & Entertainment

For her second co-op, Olivia worked as a Creative Team Assistant in New York for AMC Networks’ IFC, or Independent Film Channel, dedicated to presenting independent films on television uncut and commercial-free. While her primary responsibilities were mostly administrative, she had the ability and motivation to explore additional opportunities within network.

“I was able to take on responsibilities outside of the job description that I wanted to pursue in marketing, graphics, production and much more. My bosses sincerely cared about what I took from the experience and provided me with all the resources I needed to accomplish whatever my goals were. Co-oping in this type of work environment allowed me to learn and achieve more than I could have ever hoped.”

Olivia felt prepared from Day 1 of her co-op thanks to her media production classes at Northeastern, which introduce students to the creative, technical and business elements of production.

“Since the software we use in classes are the industry standard, I was able to go into my co-op with an understanding of how everything works and is produced, as well as a grasp on the jargon that goes along with it. The professors and instructors teaching the courses were also wonderful resources as they have all worked professionally in the industry.”

Although she knew she wanted to work in television production, this co-op in particular exposed her to different people, departments and jobs, helping her decide which paths she would like to avoid and which ones she looks forward to exploring further in her career.

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